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Getting Started....

Liquid Lux Essentials was founded

to be a light and an outlet

to connect and to be connected

to learn and to be inspired

In 2018 I faced many new difficulties on my personal journey to health and wellness. I was at a place in my life where I wanted to quit "going through the motions".

I was not happy with the amount of energy I was outputting.. it was clearly going to waste. I needed to figure out how to put all of that energy to good use. 

I founded Liquid Lux Essentials to be an outlet for me, a hobby job if you will. This outlet would allow me to express myself and utilize my creativity in a place that would benefit others.

Lux became something I really looked forward to and was motivated by. It allowed to me to dive into my passions without fear and pushed me to learn so many new things. I had already learned so much about entrepreneurship and knew it was a path for me, but I had learned so many new things by taking this dream into action.

I dove into research about the products that I love. I became obsessed with precious stones and oils (products from the earth) that improved the quality of my life. Sharing it with others continues to fill my cup.

Fast forward two years, here is 2020. Lux has become a brand with more variety. The logo has been updated to be more inclusive of some products in the shop. There are loyal customers that support and local artists that contribute. These two years have been amazing and quite the learning experience. 

Throughout 2020, you can expect to see:
  • more local artists work enter the site
  • the pop up shop start to develop
  • giveaways to drop
  • custom oil blends to become easier to order
  • rocks to become easier to order in bulk 
  • and more improvements!

I am so thrilled to continue to develop Liquid Lux Essentials over 2020. Let the journey begin. 


Victoria Taylor