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One way to experience the benefits of essential oils is aromatically, or by breathing them in. Using essential oils aromatically can offer many benefits; however, it can be particularly helpful for improving or managing mood. Depending on the chemical structure of an essential oil, it may provide invigorating or uplifting effects, or it might produce calming or soothing feelings.


Diffusion is the most effective way to enjoy essential oils aromatically and is most efficiently accomplished by using an essential oil diffuser. Essential oil diffusers take a whole oil and transform it into a mist, or microscopic droplets, that allow the user to experience the aroma of the essential oil for an extended period of time. It is important to remember that essential oils have a delicate chemical structure, so you never want to use a diffuser that could alter the chemical profile of the oil by using heat. It is best to stick with diffusers that use water or cold air to diffuse the oil. While diffusers make it easy to use essential oils aromatically, you can also reap the aromatic benefits of an essential oil without a special diffusing device. Simply inhaling an essential oil straight from the bottle, or placing a drop in your hands, rubbing the palms together, and inhaling the scent will allow you to yield the benefits of essential oils through the air


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