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Mystery Opal Reveal is a show where you purchase a mystery opal and I reveal it to you on a Facebook live show!

You can purchase during a live or on presale.

Purchasing on presale ensures that you are on the lineup (even if you’re not active during the set live time). You can always watch the rewatch of the live if the time does not work for you. The show must go on! 

Presale usually has better deals, free product, raffles and more. Each presale deal is different. So always read the individual presale description before purchasing. 

This is the PRESALE COLLECTION! (If you would like to purchase during a LIVE SALE, you’re in the wrong spot!)

Click the presale date you would like to purchase.

‭‭You must Completely check out. Details for that show will be given in the product description!‬‬

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