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Liquid Lux Essentials is lifestyle Support and an online shop!

My name is Tori Taylor, the name behind Liquid Lux Essentials! My vision is for Liquid Lux to be a reliable shop full of quality natural lifestyle products. I am always on the lookout for new product to bring to you, but it has to be TOP NOTCH! I only want to sell things that I would use myself. I believe in my products with everything that I am. 

 I do giveaways and contests, game shows and educational videos. I am on Facebook and Instagram @liquidluxessentials 

I started this business for a reason. I was tired of not having enough time or energy to invest into my health. I have struggled with chronic pain from a car accident for about 4 years, and nothing seems to help. However, i am now finding products and sources that give me comfort and help me cope with the chronic pain. I turn to natural solutions as often as i can, like CBD or essential oils. I ended up loving and leaning on them SO MUCH, I decided to start my own shop revolving around the products that I love.

I share my journey on social medias, but wanted to share more than just my story. I want to share what works. I want to show others what has helped me, because it might help them. So as I find product that I love, and that works for me, I will share it with all of you!